Whilst the country locks down at this unprecedented time, we are operating a delivery service for the Lymington area.  This also includes bulk purchase items, evening meal options for re-heating and special items such as roast dinners, together with a number of essential supplies whilst we are able to source them. 

Please download our menu or contact us for further information.  Orders can be placed via this web site using our contact form, or via social media if you prefer.   We also pick up telephone calls when on-site, or voice mails left on the answer machine daily when open.

Payment is via card, and you will be emailed or sent a text SMS / WhatsApp message for entry of your payment details securely.  This information is not shared with, or stored by us.  It is also possible to make payment on behalf of someone else, provided we have an email confirming authorisation from the cardholder.

We are very flexible and often able to accommodate specific requests, particularly at this time.

 Our food is freshly prepared in our little hokey cokey kitchen, and makes the most of locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients.   We cook mainly from scratch, and have a core menu for each season, supplemented with 'specials' and daily-changing foods available from the counter. This includes snacks and desserts, together with cakes and bakery items.  

We aim to ensure a balance between vegetarian and non-vegetarian food choices, and also include a range of vegan and gluten-free options.  In addition, we often make gluten-free bread, and can customise many menu options to avoid gluten and other ingredients where requested.

We also have an extensive range of hot and cold drinks, and a selection of alcohol including locally-brewed beers from Vibrant Forest Brewery and the Unity Brewing Company, and wines sourced for us by the Solent Cellar. 

Our coffee-based drinks use our special blend  or single origin coffee beans, all roasted by Coffee Mongers from Lymington.