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Food Menu

We generally update our menus twice a year, to suit the autumn/winter and spring/summer seasons.  However, they're changing a little more frequently at the moment as we evolve and adapt following the lockdown restrictions.  Here's a copy of our latest food menu:


Tuesdays–Saturday until 12:00


Avocado toast (V) - crushed avocado, lime juice & chilli flakes, and garlic mushrooms on toasted sourdough 6.75

Add - poached egg – .75  bacon – 1.25

Eggs or beans on toast (V) - two free-range eggs any-style or homemade baked beans on toast  4.25


Breakfast Pottidge (GF, VE) – Lemana’s own gluten-free instant oat breakfast made with hot water 4.50

Granola with yoghurt and fruit compote (V) - with dairy or non-dairy yoghurt  4.50

Full Lemana breakfast (choice V) - potato hash, free-range egg any-style, mushrooms, homemade beans, tomatoes & greens, toast.  With either farmhouse pork sausage & bacon, or vegetarian sausage & avocado  7.95

Breakfast roll or sandwich (choice V) - vegetarian or pork sausage, bacon, or avocado & mushrooms in roll or bread 5.50


Tuesday–Friday 12:00 to 2:00, 12:00 - 3:00 Saturdays

Avocado toast (V) - crushed avocado, lime juice & chilli flakes, with garlic mushrooms on toasted sourdough 6.75

Add - poached egg – .75  bacon – 1.25

Soup of the day (GF, VE) - served with bread 5.50

  • Carrot & orange
  • Minted sweet pea & spinach
  • Minestrone   

Bites & Dips (choice VE) Bites with choice of two dips: hummus, spicy mayo, lemon & mint yoghurt, beetroot & cauliflower  5.25

  • Breaded chicken bites
  • Breaded mozzarella bites
  • Quinoa bites

 Jacket potato with side salad (choice V) - baked potato with choice of filling.  Served with salad and slaw  6.95 

  • Veggie chilli with guacamole & sour cream
  • Cheese & home-baked ham / mushroom
  • Goat’s cheese with onion chutney
  • Tuna, mayonnaise & sweetcorn
  • Homemade beans and cheese

 Sandwich (choice V) – salad garnish & slaw or crisps 5.95

  • Cheddar or goat’s cheese with cucumber, tomato or chutney         
  • Lentil & walnut pate or hummus, cucumber or tomato
  • Tuna, mayonnaise & sweetcorn                           
  • Bacon, leaves, avocado & tomato 
  • Chicken or home-baked ham, mayo, cucumber or tomato

 Toastie (choice V) – salad garnish & slaw or crisps 6.25

  • Goat’s cheese with mushrooms & onion chutney
  • Tuna mayo & cheddar cheese               
  • Cheddar cheese, home-baked ham & tomato  
  • Chicken or artichoke with pesto, tomato & mozzarella

Summer Salad (All GF, choice VE) – as side 3.95, as main with chicken or avocado  6.25

  • Arabian Lentil
  • Chipotle Quinoa
  • Asian Noodle
  • Chef’s Salad of the Day

Selection of cakes, bakes, desserts, takeaways 

Served all day, every day – see counter

Including cream tea 4.95, cake slice 2.75, traybakes 2.25,

toast or toasted tea cake with butter or vegan spread & either jam, marmalade, peanut butter, or Marmite  2.75


Egg or beans on toast  3.25

Porridge or granola & yoghurt - with banana  3.25

Kids Full Lemana – veggie or pork sausage, bacon or mushrooms, beans, toast  4.50


Cheese, ham, tuna or hummus sandwich with crisps 3.95

Cheese toastie with crisps 4.25

Veggie or pork sausage or fish fingers, with beans and chips  4.75

Half jacket potato with cheese/tuna mayo/beans  4.75