Receiving feedback on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook is very important to us, particularly for those visiting from outside the area, and it's wonderful to get a great review.  However, we know we don't always get it spot on, so would encourage anyone that feels something hasn't been great to let us know directly so we can address it.

We also keep feedback cards on the cafe tables, and here's a selection of the comments we've received, including some that we've followed up on where necessary.  

As always, we hugely value feedback, and would like to thank everyone that takes the time to provide it.

"Lovely cakes & coffee.  Clean & loved the decor! Background music - just the right volume.  Spotless & well equipped too.  Very good visit.  Thank you"
"Lovely food!  Couldn't manage all the mash! Very friendly staff"
"The breakfast was great - we enjoyed everything.  The spinach and beans were lovely"
his one came along with a beautiful turtle picture!

"Love coming.  Toilet is always v. clean & tidy.  Suggest a hook on back of door for bags"  Great suggestion, thank you - we will get this sorted

"Looking for something not Nero/Costa etc.  Glad to find this place!  Bread with soup disappointing - big doorstep or rustic roll would have been nice.  Bread to mop up delicious aubergine/lentil bake thing would have been good.  Very nice atmosphere"  Thank you - we've noted the bread feedback

"We've lived in Lymington for a year and not been in a cafe for lunch since the Buttery closed.  We were looking for a child-friendly cafe with good food and a high food hygiene rating, we were not disappointed!  We will definitely be back, thank you!"

"Very welcoming - especially for dog with delicious dog treats.  Fabulous cakes & very good 'milk art' on the coffee!  All round - delightful!" 

"Lock on toilet door.  Some way of knowing whether it is actually locked.  I wasn't sure if it was just stuck so kept trying to the irritation of the person in there" 
We've added this to our improvements list and will try and get a more visible 'engaged' lock fitted soon

"Excellent cream tea / morning tea.  Good coffee, good atmosphere.  Yum!  Thank you"

"A little gem of a place., we're so glad we came in.  Staff are so helpful and cheerful.  Such a lovely choice of food & drinks available for me as I'm wheat & dairy intolerant.  Thank you so much"

"We really appreciate your attention to our particular food needs and the atmosphere is great in here. Many thanks!"

"The best cappuccino we have had in Lymington or anywhere else. Thank you"

"Delicious breakfast. Great service. Will definitely be back."

"Delicious cake - spiced orange. Coffee better than local rivals. Hot chocolate not too rich - just as I like it. Lovely ambience and will be coming with our twin grandchildren as you have space for their buggy."

"We love it here - we always come when we're in Lymington which isn't that often sadly. Thank you for your good service and tasty drinks (and food when we've had lunch)."

"Extremely friendly and caters for all tastes.  Very good for children, we'll be back."

"Excellent coffee.  Tea loaf and cream tea lovely.  Easily accessible.  Friendly staff."

"Good quality coffee & delicious looking cakes!  I lover the way you've decorated this place.  Lovely atmosphere.  And friendly staff.  Thank you."

"You are the best little coffee shop in Lymington!"

"Sunday menu options very bread heavy!  Jacket potato a good alternative."  We took a revised look at the Sunday menu, and noted bread featured  quite a bit, and so we're allowing a level of customisation such as salad with soup rather than the toastie, together with the 'specials' option being non-bread based.  We'll also bear this in mind for the next menu revision, thank you.

"Thank you for a warm friendly welcome.  Lovely coffee - ethical / fairtrade options would be good.  We enjoyed our coffee meringue and Victoria sponge".  We take the source of our ingredients very seriously and do as much as possible to consider ethical / fairtrade.  Our policy is to use local, known businesses as far as possible, and to review ethics and other practices in the process of selecting our suppliers.  

"The vegetable soup was fine but could have been a temperature ready to be consumed readily."  We're always trying to avoid hot food going out a little cool, but occasionally we go too far the other way, and make it piping hot!

"Amazing food.  Love the coffee art and brilliant service!  Definitely will come again.  Thank you!!xx"

"Very very friendly staff.  Well done."

"If it wasn't good we wouldn't be regulars xx"

"Good coffee. Friendly efficient service.  Nice atmosphere.  Love outside when possible.  Dog friendly hurrah!!   Lovely staff."

"This was a lovely surprise to find such a nice cafe with honest healthy food - we are quite fussy about where we eat so to find good food in a relaxed environment is a treat!"

"Really lovely food, interior and services.  Well priced and tasty.  Thanks!"

"Can't believe I've never been here before!  The hidden gem of Lymington.  Beautifully decorated and friendly staff.  Will come back again xx"

"Really tasty food and friendly staff.  Very welcoming.  Will be visiting again.  Hidden little gem."