Lemana, the cafe that never stops "giving".........

Lemana, the cafe that never stops "giving".........

My children often used to ask me, "why on earth did you to buy a coffee shop?"  Now they've stopped asking.  They know it's no longer something to joke about.

The stress two years ago of taking over the cafe, hiring the team, building the business.

Then, overnight, we went from the day-to-day challenges of the dishwasher breaking down mid-Saturday service to full scale survival-mode.  

One day we talked about needing a "crisis plan".  The next day it had been planned, implemented and upgraded.  

Our beautiful cafe changed into something resembling a wartime provisions unit.  We ordered in 25 kilo bags of whatever we could get hold of, and dived into offering delivery services, making up the logistics as the orders came in. 

The till roll starting resembling one from Tesco - toilet roll, bread, eggs, flour..... Ah, flour - we dreamed of bagging up flour!  

More than 600 deliveries and a few months on, and we're still delivering!  And the first glimmer of light started to shine a few weeks ago with a trickle of takeaway sales.  And the market is back trading, and .....  ah, time will tell.

It's going to be a tough, roller-coaster time over the coming months, but we're staying positive and focussed.

And if we're successful, we're going to start celebrating 4th July - independence from the restrictions of a horrible virus that has taken its toll.  Either way, we're fighting.