Do the coffee shop pivot....

The lock-down of the country over the last few months took the scribbled plans for the cafe we had buried in our notebooks and propelled them with a sense of desperation into the top of our minds.  

We're used to being a vibrant and busy coffee shop, particularly during the summer months when we can enjoy the benefits of a large outdoors space in one of the prettiest areas on the South Coast.

With the virus pandemic came a sense of urgency and excitement about the need to do something more, and to push (or "mush" as they say) ourselves forwards into things we once had at the bottom of a long to-do list.

So here it is.  Goodbye the boundaries of our lovely High Street space, and hello wider world.  

We bring you the real "Full Lemana" (our regular customers will know this as the best selling food product we offer, our full cooked English breakfast).  We're venturing into an online storefront, a wider product range, and lots more besides.

It's time for the UK hospitality sector to dust off its breeches and get back on the horse!