A Little Serendipity

Sometimes you set out on a course, aiming to do something specific, and having a rough plan in mind.

And then, without necessarily planning it that way, other things happen.

You build your soil, prepare your ground, and sow your seeds.

And then circumstance happens, and things you expect turn into things you didn't.

This year I grew tomatillos.

I sowed kale, broccoli, peppers, beetroot, chard, courgettes.  

Or actually, I threw some seeds into some home-made compost and besides a bit of watering, left them to their own devices.

I also sowed some regular tomatoes, but no tomatillos.

But the tomatillos grew and grew and grew.

When you spot something that looks kind of like a pepper but you know isn't a pepper and doesn't look like a weed, if you're me, you let it grow.

And these things grew all over the vegetable trough, making quite a pretty yellow display.

And eventually I sussed out what they were.

Nature has a way of thriving and restoring balance, and my discarded seeds from the year before had thrived.

Seeds normally killed off by heat during the natural composting process instead has hustled and muscled and survived.

And that's really how life is I guess.

Sometimes you have to go with the flow a little, and reap the crop you're given.

So salsa verdi it is.